Getting your next 1000 Followers – Using Twitter Lists. #Socialselling


Getting Your Next 1,000 Followers – Using Twitter Lists

So you are on Twitter, been posting for a few weeks, months or even years, how do you get your next 1,000 followers?

Even if you are lucky enough to create your own content, “Getting Social” is about sharing and this means you need to share content.  Which requires you to ReTweet (RT) or Mention Tweets (MT).  Sharing puts other peoples content on your Tweet feed, and it’s great to “share the love”.

Let’s Get Organized

To move to the next level and get the next 1,000 followers requires you to get (more) organized.

The best way to do this, is by using Twitter Lists.

  • Lists allow you to group people by subject, niche, interest.

For example you can create a list for your Niche of Thought Leaders, Journalists, Market Influencers.  All good back ground reading to be a specialist in your niche but also good material of interest for your audience.  Meaning you can RT and MT content that will be good for your followers and the future followers you will attract.

Creating a List is Easy

See link on Wikihow – this has nice images on how ….

If you use the IPhone App – Click on “me” at the bottom right

Page down to “Lists”

Click on the “+” at the Top Right

This enables you to create a List

Enter a name and a description (you have the choice of making this Public or Private)

(Public lists anybody can see them and private lists, only you can see them.)

Would you Like Some Ready Built Lists?

All sounds too difficult?

People like @cinnamon_carter and @oracletim have ready built lists you can subscribe to.

Why would you do this?  While you may want to create your own unique lists, why not take lists trusted individuals have created.  Both @cinnamon_carter and @oracletim are very proud of their lists and welcome you to subscribe.

How Do I subscribe to a list?

Search for @cinnamon_carter and page down on her Twitter page to List.  For example cinnamons_top_500, cinnamons spiced up list, check them out, etc.

Click on the List and top left hand corner, click subscribe.

Check them out, they are pretty extensive.

To get that next 1,000 followers people are going to need to want to follow you.  This means you are going to need to offer high quality content at fairly regular intervals.  Getting organized by using Lists will give you that “free flow” of high quality content.


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