What is Follow Friday? #FF #FollowFriday

Follow Friday  is a way you can give thanks and recommend Twitter users that have inspired you over the previous week.

It is your chance to say Thank You to all the people who have inspired you, made you laugh, cheered you up, etc, etc.

You make recommendations to your Followers and use the #FF and or #FollowFriday hashtag.

(Some people will also use #ShoutOut, for example #SaturdayShouOut – Pretty much the same thing).

Why do this?

There is nothing like sharing the Love ….. Twitter, in fact any Social platform is about engagement.

There is nothing like getting a recommendation from other Twitter users.  Makes all the time I / we put in looking for / writing original, high quality content worth while.

(It will also bring you in New Followers ….. (If you are interested in New Followers then see my Blog on Lists.))

There are two ways  to Tweet a #FollowFriday

  1. The most common way is to list a number of Twitter handles followed by #FF and or #FollowFriday …. some people may headline that Tweet with “My Favs ….. “; “The Best …..”; “Highly Recommended …..” …….. Word of warning don’t turn a #FF into Spam!  See may advice on response to a #FollowFriday below.
  2. Recommend  a #FF Person per line, For Example; @mikejulietbravo is an inspirational Twitter, followed him for a number of years, his material is funny, serious and original #FF #FollowFriday

@simonlPorter and @Johnaguiar keep “diaries” of their #FF recommendations, for them #FollowFriday is a serious recommendation and virtual Twitter “pat on back”.

If I get a #FF #FollowFriday, what should i do?

Please go ahead and “favorite” any #FF #FollowFriday you get.  Many people ReTweet (RT) a #FollowFriday … If you RT and don’t actually know some of the people, is it really a recommendation? —— Word of advice, be careful, there is a thin line between “sharing the Love” and “Spam”.


Recommendations and Trust in Life needs to be earned.  #FF #FollowFriday is a great way to share the love  ……. and if you have enjoyed this Blog, please #FF #FollowFriday me.  Thank you!


6 thoughts on “What is Follow Friday? #FF #FollowFriday

  1. There are other ways of interpreting the idea, though they are all essentially variations on the theme. I view FFs as a way of introducing inspiring people to each other, and my FF list is made up not just of people from the previous week but those with whom I have had productive, enlightening, inspiring, or just plain entertaining discussions at some point. But if people don’t respond, they will eventually get dropped from the list; it’s all about initiating engagement with the people in question. The conversation may be two or three tweets long, or it may go on for dozens of tweets back and forth. It’s a way of inviting people to say hello at the “perpetual cocktail party” that is twitter.

    I make it a point to reply to every FF that I receive and thank the originator. I also reply to every such message that I receive. I usually do my FFs in the early hours of Saturday because that’s when the majority of my followers are online. That small effort on my part yields big rewards in terms of engagement and long-term friendships.

    Finally, I employ a third format to the two that you describe: I put the hashtag first and then follow with a list of twitter accounts, making sure that there are thirty or so “empty characters” for people to use in replying, and encourage people to say hi to the strangers that I am introducing. Every few weeks I randomize the account list so that people are constantly being introduced to new people who I consider worth following and interacting with.

    FFs are what we choose to make them.

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