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March Articles

Two in Five Salespeople Not Hitting Their Quotas – eMarketer via @eMarketer

  • Interesting research on why Sales People don’t make Quota, maybe more qualification or selling a business case would help?

The New Social Sales Dashboard – How the Best are Measuring Social Sales | CustomerThink

  • Article jumps from measuring Social Sales to Social Marketing, good background, but are they really the same?

B2B Social Selling: The how & why for three key channels | @HeinzMarketing

  • Basics of Social Selling- Start Here

23 Absolutely Essential Online Marketing Tools You Will Start Using Immediately

  • While this article has the word Marketing in the tile, a Social Seller should look at these tools to help them sell.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Gartner: The Technology Sales Rep Has Lost Their M…

  • The move to Social Selling, Requires sales people to guide the customer as well as to drop the Power point.

Social Business Software: 2 Sides of Disruption by @AntZets via @cmswire

  • Difficulties in getting user adoption for an Enterprise Social Network

The Drastic Difference Between ‪#‎SocialSelling‬ And Spam ‪@bundlepost

  • Is sending out inmails just another form of spam?

The Social Science of Social Selling

  • Gartner article on how People want to buy as part of a community and how Sales nned to use Social to create that Community.

Measuring the ROI of Social Selling –

Should You Buy Premium LinkedIn Accounts For Your Team –

A Beginner’s Guide to Lead Conversion with Social Media via @KISSmetrics

  • Detailed, but good overview from Kissmetrics on some Social Selling basics.

Is It Time To Develop A Social Business Center Of Excellence? | CustomerThink

The Art of Social CRM: It’s Who You Know That Counts

  • Simplistic article but introduces the impacts that Customer relationship is about your customer contacts as well.

3 Simple tools that will keep hot leads flowing your way via @VentureBeat

8 LinkedIn Tools for Business | CustomerThink

  • Not used them myself, but tools worth investigating I’m sure.

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Relationships and Generate Leads via @smexaminer

When Social Sellers Resort to Cold Calling via @LinkedinSelling

  • LinkedIn would say this, IMHO nothing has changed, Cold Calling is still important.

Influencer Marketing: Top Tactics and Challenges via @marketingprofs‏

  • Overview of this relatively new area for marketers.

The Definition of a Buyer Persona [in Under 100 Words] via @hubspot

  • Good summary of how people need to think about to create their buyer centric profile on LinkedIn.

February’s Articles ….

Inside Sales Managers — Stop Cringing When It Comes to Social Selling –

  • How Telesales teams can make the transition from Telesales using the Telephone to using Social Selling

Reading Data mining social media: Twitter’s untapped potential

  • The future use of Big Data in B2C and how you can use the data for selling opportunities

It’s Not How You Sell, It’s How Prospects Buy –

  • View on how you should map the buying process around your customer

Social Success – The Mini-Guide to Social Selling – UK #socialsuccess via @salesforce

  • Overview of Social Selling with some useful stats

Always Be Connecting: Jill Rowley on the ABCs of Social Selling via @kapost‏

  • Oracle’s Social Selling Lead (and Eloqua Darling) on how Sales has changed and the Sales Challenger Model

Learn how to integrate mobile and social with traditional marketing channels and enhance your customer experience with these ten top tips –

  • Sponsored by IBM – Registration Required.

Rise of the New Social Employee | LinkedIn

  • Social Media and your employees, an unstoppable force.

LinkedIn B2B lead generation – what you know…and who you know via @Tracepoint

  • Reliance on your existing network to hit your sales number can be a struggle. Widen your network with free B2B lead generation tools, such as LinkedIn.

SlideShare: The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of B2B Social Media Marketing

  • Dubious about the Stats but Slideshare material does tend to convert.

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