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The objective of the Blogs is to share with you practical steps you can implement to create more leads, track sales and win more business.  In this article I share how Social Media Listening can be used to get you more leads and as well as gaining key competitive intelligence during sales pursuits.

There is Gold in Them There Hills

For 12 Months I’ve been using Social Media Listening to generate leads. Must admit was pretty cynical about this but, Social Media Listening has transformed the way we sell. But it isn’t just Lead generation we have used Social Media during pursuits and watched competitors form strategies. Amazing the Insight you can get. This Blog will share the secrets of how Social Media Listening can help you do the same.

What Does the Tool Do?

Unlike a HootSuite which will listen for words and hashtags etc, the tool looks for connections on the B2B site LinkedIn and sends you daily alerts.
Now, if you and I link up on LinkedIn it is unlikely there is any “business” there, but when my competitor’s link to customers / prospects of mine, there probably is.

Quick Implementation

Implementation was pretty quick. It took me 2 hours to set up my customers, prospects and partners …… and then overnight I got a list of all the connections on LinkedIn my competitors had made.  Giving you access to your Competitors Leads.

That’s not All …..  We have used Social Media Listening Though the Sales Process

For example, tracking individuals (they cannot see you are doing this, as they can if you look at their LinkedIn profile.)

  1. During an RFP process prospect said they would not meet any suppliers. Using Social Media Listening I monitored that our competitor and Prospect connected. The field was then able to take corrective action with the prospect.  We went on to win this contact.
  2. Review customers in case we need to instigate a competition defense strategy. Number of existing customers have had contacts by significant number of contacts from a competitor. We were able to put in place a defense strategy and have kept the competitor out.
  3. Spotted a competitor make some very obvious strategic connections six months in advance of an announcement. This allowed the Sales Team to put competitive strategies in place, when competing.


Social Selling isn’t just about getting your sales teams on Twitter, having a buyer centric profile on LinkedIn and pumping out content.

Social Selling is a set of tools and processes that enhance and complement what we do already. It is a way of using readily available technology to create more leads and win more deals.
Part of a team that is rolling out Social Selling to 600 Sales People in Europe, my Blog offers practical advice from the “coal face” to support you in your Social Selling Journey.


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