Product Review: – Great new Tool to Support #SocialSelling


How do I find the warmest connection across all these social platforms?

How do I find the warmest connection across all these social platforms?

In the Information Age we are who we know. Or when we think about LinkedIn, we are who our contacts know. LinkedIn best practice states that for every Enterprise Sale at least 4.7 people are involved. It’s a jungle out there, do you have all your bases covered? Been using now for a few weeks and it’s a cool tool to add to your arsenal and find that “Winning Relationship”.

Relationships are the ethereal fuel that business runs on, hard to see and harder to capture. So far LinkedIn has been the best tool for this, but it’s a vastly incomplete view. Think about all the others ways you engage with people: email, facebook, phone, in person at events and meetings, twitter, instagram, etc. How about if all of these signals can be captured and analyzed to give you a full view of the human capital within arm’s reach.

Here’s the scenario

You turn up at a sales appointment, things are looking pretty good.

You are a Social Selling Ninja and have checked out the people on LinkedIn. To add value, you have even created a quick ROI model using your vertical market knowledge of other customers. You’re also the market leader and you have dry run your pitch so it is highly tuned.

What could it go wrong?

You lose the business.

BUT maybe you could have won the business. Social Media is fragmenting, what about “off LinkedIn” relationships? For example, LinkedIn might not show the CEO you pitched to, is the brother in law to the Product Manager of the product you are selling. Why didn’t you lever that relationship?

This is the scenario that Ted Summe Founder and CEO of found himself in when he was Product Manager of Salesforce Chatter.

Here’s Your Competitive Advantage

I’ve written on this blog about how Social Media is a great way of creating leads and supporting you during Sales Pursuits. Either via Sales Navigator and TeamLink or by using something like IKO where you listen for B2B relationships.

Twitter and LinkedIn is a mine of data but here’s the rub. These are public and professional relationships / contacts. Facebook, often dismissed by B2B sales people is also about relationships.

Add to that the constant fragmentation of Social Media, maybe the CEO shares the same passion as you for Photography and likes your work on Instagram or Pintrest. (Snapchat and email don’t even have a social graph.)

Some Science

In a recent survey under taken by Professional contacts only accounted for 30% of connections. 70% of relationships are therefore outside of “LinkedIn social graph”. How can you harness this to win more deals? This is the true meaning of Social CX / CRM, getting access to relationships across platform.

So what is is a Chrome browser plug-in* that will enable you to network and find the warmest introductions to get into new accounts or network, high and wide within your current accounts. As you know, your warmest connection is your best introduction.

How Does it Work?

As you surf LinkedIn looking for connections and relationships, will inject Facebook connections. While Facebook is often rejected by Social Sellers as irrelevant. Facebook relationships are stronger as they tend to be friends and family. (LinkedIn is after all “just” your colleagues and that recruiter you met at a conference.)

Easy to Use

Whenever you look at somebody on LinkedIn, when you hover next to a person’s name the plugin will present an Icon and will show the mutual friends. You can then click through to the Facebook page or LinkedIn page. So you download it, install it. That’s it.

Found it nice that brings you the data, rather than having to jump around from social network to social network.


NOTE: only shows what you have access to, from a data privacy prospective.

Strength of relationship? will also give a measure as to relationship strength. For example the longest or strongest relationship such friends in common, photos tagged in common, likes in common. All of the things that Facebook use to sort the news feed.


Fancy a demo? Watch this Youtube video of Robert Scoble @scobleizer interviewing Ted Summe Founder and CEO of


By limiting your social selling to just LinkedIn, you’re missing strong personal connections. lets you get full visibility of all the connections available to you, so you can craft the best sales strategy.

But let’s forget about Social Media for a second. Companies expectations of you as a sales person have changed. The time expectation for you to contribute is getting shorter and shorter. Plus last week’s big deal is soon forgotten.

Social Selling is your response to this and with many people now jumping on the bandwagon you need to stay ahead of the pack. From my use over a few months, I can see this is a great way for you to find those “golden nugget” relationships that will accelerate you and enable you to over achieve your number.


Futures is looking at ways for you to down load your social data into a .csv file to create a rolodex of contacts that you can then sort by strength of signal. Then possibly upload the data so you can curate the data.

*Future enhancement will be an Android mobile version.


3 thoughts on “Product Review: – Great new Tool to Support #SocialSelling

    • 1) Conspire is building their own social graph from email, which is interesting but for now very incomplete. They’re missing most of the connections already documented on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Discoverly taps into the existing social networks to see all of the connections.

      2) They don’t have a chrome extension. Discoverly is nice because its brings the data in context of where I already am, whether is gmail, linkedin or twitter.


      • Yes, you are spot on re: 2). The front of mind and usability is one of their hurdle towards mass adoption. Gmail extension a la Rapportive as I mentioned in my blog post or extension as you said would address this.

        I think on 1), it’s not perfect yet, wan’t thinking Discoverly vs Conspire. They are adding other graph (even if LI will prob not open to them) but what it is useful for is the real strength of the connection towards a “target” account/lead. I have to admit, I am LI with people I would not see as real connection. Conspire gives a view of how best to get a warm in by quantifying email social graph.

        Just $0.02 and another tool in my artillery.


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