Round up of May’s #SocialSelling and #MarketingAutomation Articles

 Social Selling2Round up of May’s Social Selling and Marketing Automation Articles

The following is a list of the important Social Selling and Marketing Automation articles I have come across in May.  Have also given you a one line summary, this commentary should help you as to if the article is beginner, expert etc.

See you at the end of June.

The TrustRadius Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide | @HeinzMarketing

Useful view on which MA system you should use in which size organisation.

What LinkedIn’s New Content Marketing Score Means for #socialselling @HeinzMarketing

  • Kind of interesting, but feels like vanity to me – How many leads have you created is the ONLY measure!

Increase blog traffic & engagement: Six commenting best practices | @HeinzMarketing

  • Best practice on driving traffic to your blog and sharing the love.  Please leave comments on my blog.

How to buy marketing automation: six recommendations | @HeinzMarketing

  • Nothing that hasn’t been said before, but good basic overview of why MA.

Why Your Audience Is Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Develop It via @marketingland

  • Why you need to treat your customer’s as a long term relationship.

Are You Wasting Your Time on Twitter? Four Ways to Make It Count via @marketingprofs

  • Good advice on how to use Twitter in Social Selling.

Four Social Selling Success Strategies For Your Sales Playbook via @GerryMoran

  • Good overview by SAP’s CMO

How to Salvage Key Accounts Before They Are Lost

  • Good article on the buyer process and understanding that in your accounts.

Sales Myth Buster: There ARE Limits to What You Can Achieve with Hard Work –

  • The more I practice the luckier I get!

Gartner identifies six key steps to build a successful digital business @sharethis

  • Sorry, but moving to Social is a change program, Gartner summaries it nicely.

Social Media Platforms Are About Traffic and Relationships and Not About SEO @JohnAguiar

  • John is a great blogger and nails it, use your platform to interact and that way you gain influence.  Give to get.

Requiem for a Lead: How to Focus on the Most Important KPI via @marketingprofs

  • The big deal isn’t always the place to be.

Ruining Your Reputation by ‘Getting Real’ on Social Media @marketingprofs

  • Article on how things can go wrong.  Relax, breath and don’t be something you are not.

Use Social Media & Blogs For Powerful Call-To-Action Marketing @marketingland

  • In Social Selling the sales person needs to set themselves up as a Social Influencer so the prospect will come to them as part of their research.

How to Turn Your Employees Into Brand Advocates via @sprinklr

  • Great idea to increase your share of voice in the market, but don’t forget people don’t hold much in employees saying something about the company they work for “they would say that”.

Does Gamification Really Work in Sales? by @bobmarsh5 via @B2Community

  • A future blog, have case studies that shows that it can help make sure sales people follow the right behaviors and processes.

Modern Marketing Challenge: Juggling Social Media Control vs Autonomy via @AGSalesworks

  • Very true.  How as an organisation can you know if all the people you have Tweeting and posting to LinkedIn are “Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful?”

Your Brain on Story: Why Narratives Win Our Hearts and Minds – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

  • The science behind why we find Storytelling so Compelling.

50 Sales and Social Business Quotes You Need to Hang in Your Office @linkedinselling

  • Interesting quotes.

Digital marketing is now reappropriating the sales budget via @chiefmartec

  • Very true, with the introduction of Marketing Automation should be part of a Social Selling program

Why Marketing Should Contribute to Sales Execution via @marketingprofs

  • The case for working with and not slagging off Marketing.  It works.

The Scientific Reason You Should Trust Your Gut via @EntMagazine via @Mr_Madness

  • Many of us sales were successful because of our gut, it’s a natural reflex that has saved man since time began.

The Case for Listening on Social Media – Yahoo Small Business Advisor via @YSmallBusiness

  • Big fan of Social Media Listening.

LinkedIn’s New Scoring Tool Puts Real Numbers On Engagement via @forbes

  • Good overview on this new LinkedIn functionality which can seriously help you with the impact on content on the people you want to influence.

Has Your B2B Marketing Strategy Adapted to the New Marketing Ecosystem? by @timasimos via @B2Community

  • Need to justify a Social Selling program, here are all the research and facts in one article.

Great way to Use Topsy to Identify Prospects via @MySales4Life

  • This is a real neat trick!

Is Win-Win Negotiation Becoming A Reality? via @forbes

  • A question to the age old problem.

10 Tips to Get Your Team on Board with Social Business via @MktgNutz

Great advice on how to “sell” the idea of Social Selling to your board and stakeholders.

Finding the elusive decision maker. Then what? via @EyesOnSales

  • A good device to uncover the REAL decision maker.

Want To Increase Sales? Target Your Existing Customers via @forbes

  • Stating the obvious, but do we really do it?

Lies Sales Leaders Tell Themselves

  • Sometimes we have to read articles like this to bring us to our senses – Probably have done all of these at some time.

Confusing Customer Wants And Needs via @davidabrock

  • Draws an excellent conclusion between selling a “vision” and “nuts and bolts” issues which may have a far better business case and compelling reason.  So is more likely to win you the sale.  As in life it is best to work on both areas.

LinkedIn May Not Be The Coolest Social Network, But It’s Becoming More Valuable To Businesses @sai

  • Good overview of the importance of LinkedIn to Business.

Let Me Tell You a Story — About Staying Ahead of Prospective Buyers During the Sales Process | CustomerThink

  • How story telling is key to your Social Selling strategy and what you can do about it.

How Buyers Buy… and Four Ways You Can Help Them Choose You via @marketingprofs

  • Explains the buying cycle and what you can emphasize or not as the case maybe.

“Create an interesting LinkedIn profile for customers in 5 steps” by @wendyvangilst on @LinkedIn

  • Good place to start for the LinkedIn newbie, for the readers of this it might be a bit basic.

Marketers Feel Overwhelmed by Number of Technology Vendors via @marketingprofs

  • I think we all do. Key to understand how our customers / prospects feel and I’m sure this has all happened very fast to take in

2 thoughts on “Round up of May’s #SocialSelling and #MarketingAutomation Articles

  1. Timothy, thanks for including my Sales Myth Buster post. Certainly a lot of great material here that you’ve shared. That post was more about the traits required for sales success, though. In terms of social selling, you and your readers might enjoy the presentation I did recently for Sales & Marketing Management on digital selling. The slides are at and the recording on SMM’s site is at Hope those might add some extra value for this series, and thanks again for including me. Mike


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