15 things I learnt when @British_Airways lost my baggage #CustExp #CustomerJourney #Travel

15 things I learnt when @British_Airways lost my baggage
In my recent trip to the US @British_Airways lost my girlfriend and my baggage, during the week it took for BA to 
reunite us with our bags we learnt the following:- 
1. We packed too much.
2. You can wear pants two days on a row.
3. Keep at least one power adapter in your hand luggage.
4. Essential Toiletries cost you more than your airline compensation.
5. Losing the luggage on a Friday; we were told not to expect anything to happen until a working day.  Seems a 
little customer unfriendly not to support customers on a Saturday and Sunday, especially for an emotional 
subject like this
6. Not having any maps and guide books (they were in the lost baggage) we found that Local tourist information 
is excellent in the US and the teams always ready to help. 
You can find them on Twitter and say hello when you pass through town. :)
7. Not having wet shaved in my life, I suddenly had to learn.  After many cuts later, I think I mastered it. 
8. There is nothing wrong in living out of carrier bags.
9. Shoe boxes can be up-cycled and turned into toiletry bags.
10. Telling people BA has lost out baggage is a great conversation piece.  We found that many people had a 
"BA story".  It also bought out the best in people, one Bed and Breakfast offered to do our laundry for free.
11. Make sure you pack any essential toiletries or medication in your hand luggage.
12. Free WiFi is in abundance even in remote places in the US. This helps when you have your maps lost.
13. It's when things go wrong that being part of airline loyalty schemes that you can see a benefit.  As a BA
Silver Card holder i got $43 more compensation than her. 
14. Sometimes less is more.
15. Being a market influencer and blogger, you don't get treated any differently by BA. 
No I didn't get offered an upgrade on the return flight.
Thank you to @OfficeofFin for her contribution to this blog.

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