Accelerating your #Socialselling Program with LinkedIn – Part 2

LinkedIn Connecting People

LinkedIn Connecting People

Please see my previous introduction to LinkedIn here

In this second blog on LinkedIn I introduce why you should have a buyer centric profile, the Sales Navigator functionality and why you (or your employer) should invest in an a copy of Enterprise edition.

Also develop why you don’t need to make Cold Calls anymore, how you can speed your time to Quota with Sales Navigator, why you should have an Enterprise copy of LinkedIn (TeamLink) and what a good Inmail looks like.

No more Cold Calls?

While I must be one of the few that like making cold calls, with Social Media maybe you don’t need to make them anymore.

When I started sales, I was handed a “yellow pages” and told to call it.  Knew little about the product (Payroll and HR) and little about the business issues.  After a couple of weeks of that, my story was fine tuned.  That was back in the days where there was a typing pool and we had more time.  Which is why we can use Technology to get a Territory plan quicker.

Accelerate Your Time to Quota

In any sales job you have 6 months to sell something (before the pressure from above will start) and based on the fact that a B2B sales can take 6 moths. You don’t have time and anything you can do to accelerate your Territory impact the better.

Sales Navigator – How to Get Wider and Deeper in Accounts

See my previous bog lwhere I introduce how to use the Sales Navigator in LinkedIn.  In that Blog I discuss how you can use Sales Navigator to find a number of new people in your accounts to talk to.  This enables you get ahead of the competition and wider and deeper in accounts.

Set yourself the target of researching and contacting 10 new people each month / week.  By looking at a 10 people target list you can search and see what you have in common. Same University, you both know an old colleague, it is through this you can get warm introductions.  Use your contacts in LinkedIn and go and buy a coffee with those targets.

TeamLink – How will this accelerate your time to lead?

As mentioned in my previous blog, LinkedIn has a facility called Teamlink and an Enterprise license allows you access to your entire license users network.  If you have a well networked Board / C-Suite that should give you access to some pretty senior people.  You get to see a full profile this should allow you to craft your InMail or if you are old fashioned like me, warm call.

InMails the New Spam

Somebody once said to me that Social Selling was easy as everybody accepts LinkedIn requests.  Great, but there is no currently in that.

Inmails are your chance to get you to the next stage, meeting, demo or whatever you want to “sell”. If sent properly you should get a higher response rate than emails. Written properly you have a laser focus, rather than throwing mud at the wall and hope it sticks.

What Does a Good Inmail Look Like? Value Based Selling Hasn’t Changed

The Principles of Value based selling have not changed.  People will grant you 7 seconds before they delete or give you another 7 seconds.

Think about it, (and I use this) you have 7 seconds to make that written pitch.

Mention your company and I have already pressed delete as I assume it’s spam.

(Highly recommend the book “Selling to ViTO”, while we may have moved on from writing a letter, it provides the concept of value based selling that still applies today.)

Don’t waffle, or be product focused, don’t speak in jargon. The days of offering value based that match the prospects business issues have not changed.

Research your Prospects – But Please, no Stalking.

Any B2B sales person should know something about their prospects and targets and the business issues they face. There should also be a level of understanding of the verticals issues. LinkedIn and the data you get from the company pages and Sales Navigator should enable you fine tune your message

Tip: Link to all your contacts, also get your senior guys to pull in their senior contacts as through Teamlink this pulls more into your dragnet. B2B sales is about selling high and C-Level is the goal, this should help. (See comments on Selling to VITO above).

Who’s the Decision Maker?

There is no one person that makes B2B Decisions.
Having under taken many B2B sales people Territory reviews, it always amazes me that they always talk about one contact, who they deal with on a day to day basis.

Any considered purchase will probably be made by a group of people, while in Public Sector this will probable be a committee, in the private sector this will be a “collective” working party of many disciplines. User department (who own the requirement), IT (architecture (IT Police), Support (people who have to run the system after go live) and IT Implementation).

Research shows that at least 4.2 people are involved. I still recommend you ” walk the corridors” but LinkedIn can help you accelerate this.
The world of SaaS isn’t about long selling time frames (I’ve seen an Enterprise SaaS deal done in two weeks). It is about selling the Land, enabling your to get the ” expand” in the future. LinkedIn can help you laser focus on people in the organisation, provides a contact platform. People will usually forward you on if you have the wrong people. Enabling fast networking round an organisation to speed that Land sale.

Hope you have enjoyed that, if you do have any questions as to the usage of LinkedIn please contact me on LinkedIn @timothy_hughes or leave a comment under here.




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