Round Up of June’s #SocialSelling #MarketingAutomation Articles #CustServ

Social Selling2June’s Social selling articles with a one line description / opinion from me.

Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

If there is anything you need or want any help or advice please contact me at @timothy_hughes also welcome comments on the blog (good or bad) and happy to take ideas for blogs.


Four Tips to Accelerate Sales Through the B2B Content Funnel via @marketingprofs

Rise of the Challenger Marketer: What it means & how to be one | @HeinzMarketing

The rise of the Sales Challenger is the biggest change to sales in 20 years, if you haven’t read the book, make time to.

Twitter Lists are the New “Follow” –

  • Why and how you should use Twitter Lists

What to Say to Get Prospects to think “That is Really Interesting”

  • Why you need an elevator pitch, why are you different?  But more importantly how do you create desire and need?

6 Game-Changing Trends in Enterprise Software Sales via @insidesales

  • Article of some of the truths that currently impact Enterprise Sales.  Obviously the answer is Social Selling.

How LinkedIn Got Cool via @impactbnd

  • About LinkedIn’s Influencer Program, which I am not part of.

How We Scaled Sales With Science and Social Selling [SlideShare] via @hubspot

  • How Hubspot introduced Social Selling across it’s own internal sales force.

The “3 Ps” of Killer Drip Campaigns for Sales: via @YouTube

40 minute webcast – Pace (How often do you interact with the buyer?), Personality and Pact

An In-Depth Inbound Marketing Audit of Buffer via @elioverbey

  • Very long overview about using Buffer

Great Sales Prospecting Emails via @vorsight

  • Guidlines to write some simple emails that will get read by prospects.

Financial Times reveals the executive view of marketing technology, an evolving relationship of marketing and IT via @chiefmartec

  • Interesting article about the relationship between IT and Marketing.

“Meet the Modern Buyer and Learn How to Reach Her” by @jill_rowley on @LinkedIn

  • The latest from Jill Rowley:  Jill explains how the buyer has changed and what you can do to meet that challenge.

The Essential List of Startup Marketing Resources via @ryangum

Does what it says on the tin – If you have a start up or are new to marketing, this is the place to go.

Who Exactly Are You Selling To? via @TiborShanto

  • Good advice on how to target and segment prospects and to stop wasting time on people who will never buy.

Compressed Differentiation – Where did differences go?

  • Good article from Gartner on how the RFP process strangles supplier innovation and can drive the customer to make the wrong decision

What’s The ROI Of Stupidity? via @davidabrock

  • While I find these blogs “difficult on the eye”, it does cover some useful basics

How to Plug the Holes in Your Content Funnel That Are Costing You Money via @copyblogger

  • Article on having a Content Audit – Having lots of content is great but is it the right content and is it personalised to your audience? Does it resonate with what the market is talking about?

Twerk Your Content: Drive Viral Distribution of Your B2B Content Using Advocates and Influencers via @marketingprofs

  • Having written two Blogs on influence Marketing, I’m biased that this is a good idea.

How Social ‘Listening’ Enables Real-Time Marketing via @forbes

  • Blogged on this not sure that in the B2B world that hashtag listening is that important, but Social Media linkages are.  See my blog.

How to Develop a Mutually Beneficial Relationship With Sales via @marketingprofs

  • Sales and Marketing must work together, I would recommend something like an Enterprise Social Network as a way to do this.

Simple Rules For Leading Sales Teams In The Social Selling Era via @hubspot

  • This is a must for all salespeople in the internet age.

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