Round Up of July’s #SocialSelling #MarketingAutomation Articles #CustServ

Social Selling2 List of the Social Selling and Marketing Automation articles that have come across my desk.  Don’t expect you to read them all (you can, I did).  Have given you a brief one line summary of the article so you can pick and choose.

Of course if you are on holiday in August, take them as a little light reading while you are away.

Happy Vacations!

Translating Price Objections via @iannarino

  • Useful counsel on deal with the usual price objections.

Don’t Just Gamify the Sales Funnel. Gamify the Employee Engagement Funnel @GalRimon via @B2Community

  • The reason why Gamification should be used in your sales team as part of a Social Selling project.

How to Get Insanely Curious About Your Customer’s Story | Jeff Shore via @jeffshore

  • Why you need to research your customers and get to know them well.

“Old School Meets New School: The Resurgence of “Calling High”” by @funnelholic on @LinkedIn

  • Why you should sell high in accounts.

Why the future of sales doesn’t involve selling

  •  Overview of why we now live in a buyer empowered world.

Tear Down that Great Wall of Text – Formatting Emails for Readability via @Pagewiz_App

  • Useful reminder who to write “readable” emails.

From Demand Generation to Revenue Generation: How to Become a Revenue-Driven Marketer via @marketingprofs

  • Getting people to think revenue (what is a lead) I’ve found difficult; is this Smaketing or Males?

Five Quick Tips for Marketing Automation Success via @marketingprofs

  • Good general advice especially around master data management, cleaning data and the amount of resource you need to support such a project.

Is Automating Your Marketing Saving You Time, or Losing You Customers? via @KISSmetrics

  •  Good balanced article about how you can Automate Marketing too much!

5 Reasons Why Your B2B Marketing Needs To Use SlideShare

  • Creating content in Slideshare is a good idea, Social Sellers should have have their own Slideshare content on their LinkedIn page.

Twitter Advocacy: How One Employee Generated Massive Reach for @ThinkBonfire via @simplymeasured

  • Excellent case study on how to use employee advocacy to get brand reach.  This is not about getting all employes to throw content at the wall and hope it sticks, but a focused way of using a single employee, already with a level of influence.

Dealing With the “Current Vendor” Sales Objection

  • How many times have you heard, we won’t win as they hate us!

37 Marketing Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

  • You have got to look into this.

The Big List of 189 Words That Convert: Write Copy That Gets Your Customer’s Attention Every Time via @buffer

  • Long read by the crazy folks at Buffer.

The Practical Step by Step Twitter Growth Guide (And a Hack To “Automate” Relationship Building): via @authorityhackr

  • Crap headline some pretty good advice in here.

When a Buyer Loses Interest – RainToday

  • And the lesson is about having engaging, value based content and maybe a few jokes.

Introducing the Content Promotion Ecosystem via @relevance

Feels like somebody is making a simple process, complex.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Effective User Journey Maps via @webdesign_views

  • Great insight into how to create Customer Journey Maps.

The SDR vs. The AE {Infographic} via @SalesLoft

  • The “old” style sales person Vs a modern Social seller.

CMOs Are Preparing for Digital to Grow to 75% of Marketing Budgets

  • Useful infographic

Is Sharing Content a WASTE of Time? (Video) via @MySales4Lif

  • Good, short sharp Social Selling comment from Sales 4 Life

“To build an online reputation – respond quickly to interactions” by @Bob_Barker on @LinkedIn

  • Social Media is all about timely interactions.

Build Bridges Beyond Your Corporate Collaboration Island via @forbes

  • While sponsored by IBM it discusses how companies need to collaborate between companies.

Hootsuite’s five insights into the future of social media marketing

  • The future – Pretty close to the truth, some of us are already there

SHUT UP and Listen to Your Prospects via @MySales4Life

  • Benefits of Silence & Listening (not hearing)

Five Tips for Developing a Social Mentions Strategy via @socialtimes

  • While not Social Selling per ca, there are some useful tips to get noticed “out there”.

3 Kickass Sales Hacks You Never Considered

Thought this might be all headline and no content.  Actually these are really good ideas.

4 Habits of a New Generation of Top Sales Performers

  • As in the title, 4 things that Social Sellers need to be.

Surprise, Delight… Then What? 5 Tips to Keep Customer Experience Momentum Going via @marketingprofs

  • While this article is about “Customer Experience” Social sellers should be building these processes into your daily routines.

Automation: How Marketing Can Sync With Sales via @marketingprofs

  • Article on hoe Sales and Marketing need to work together in the new world of Social Selling and Marketing Automation – Some call it Smarketing, some call it Masales.



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