Social Disruption – Which Industry is Next? #SocialEnterprise


The headlines in the UK over the last few weeks have been about Ashya King and his Family.  A tragic story, Ashya is a 5 year old with the brain tumor.

It was reported in the press that his parents fled to Spain with Ashya with no medication and no batteries for his life support.  With the police and media in hot pursuit the story soon unraveled.

Before I go any further I wish the King family my best wishes and the recovery of Ashya.

What Has This Got to to do with Social Enterprise?

While the world media focused on the family element of the story, there has been one part of this that has not been reported or discussed.

Let us not forget that Ashya has loving parents.  They did want many of us do when a loved one gets a doctors diagnosis.  We go to Google, search and read up on the subject.

In this case, the King family found information that differed from the advice they were getting from the UK doctor.  Through Google they found details of a Czech Republic clinic that offered a different treatment.

Data Democracy

They therefore packed their things to head south to Spain where they intended to sell a property to buy the treatment for their son.

Why am i compelled to write about this?

Let’s put the emotion to one side as to the rights and wrongs of the Ashya case.

The point here is this is a great example in the shift in society. The old “order” is crumbling as the internet and technology empowers you and me to make everyday decisions as well as life or death decisions about our family.

When I grew up nobody questioned the legitimacy of a Doctor; their word was sacrosanct.  But here is somebody using the Internet and publicly disagreeing with a doctor.  As I write, it also looks like the Doctor while maybe not be “wrong” they are not thinking outside the box.

Why the Social has Changed the World

Bringing this back to my day-to-day subject of Social Selling, I overheard a consultant say in the office the other day; “went to see the client, and they knew more than me. How can that happen?”

Put that one out on my Twitter stream and it caused much laughter.

Surely people expect that a customer can go onto the Internet and read up in areas that they will needed to be skilled up in. If you have just been put on a project in your company you will want research that application or subject area.

No different from buying a new system, you will turn to Google, Known subject matter expects, influencers etc. the last people you will turn to are Sales people or Suppliers.

Social has Changed Society

There is a seismic shift taking part in society here. This will only accelerate as Generation X, Y, and Z are placed in positions to make decisions. I’m not saying positions of power, any decision. From buying a new IT system to seeking medical care for your loved ones.

As we can see from the above example, there is a new world order appearing where even cornerstones of the establishment are being questioned or circumvented. We are not just talking about removing “old world orders” such as Taxis via Uber or Hotels via AirBnB, but the general pubic now have a “customer experience” expectation and this will end up touching all industries.

Which industry do you think is next?


3 thoughts on “Social Disruption – Which Industry is Next? #SocialEnterprise

  1. Very interesting perspective Tim.

    The other angle to this story is how by utilising YouTube Ashya’s father was able to put a message out stating how absurd his Witch hunt was and through pressure built by the support of social media the story turned on it’s head from one of careless Jehovahs Witness parents abducting their child to that of caring parents doing anything they could to help their son.

    I hope Ashya’s treatment is successful and he makes a speedy recovery.


  2. Any profession, I guess. Legal must be up for grabs with services like LegalZoom. Ditto accountants.

    Of course the professions themselves will argue until they are blue in the face that you can only get a proper service from them…


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