12 Reasons Why I Know Your’re Not a #SocialEnterprise #CustExp #CustServ

social enterprise wordleRecently brainstormed some recent Customer Experiences and came up with 12 areas of bad practice and listed them in terms of how they impact on Social Enterprise.



1. You are still using Blackberries.
2. I call you up to buy something and it was near on impossible to make that purchase.
3. When I did finely buy something and it went wrong, the onus was on me to fix it.
4. I complained about you on Social Media and nothing happened.
5. I contacted you on Twitter and you told me to ring your call centre.
6. I researched your products on my mobile on the train into work and your website was unusable.
7. I tried to buy something at 08:00 PM and got stuck on your web site and there was no way of interacting with you.
8. You are too scared to make mistakes in product development and innovation.
9. You don’t have customer product advocates.
10. You cannot innovate quicker than your competition.
11. You don’t crowdsource product design.
12. I’m not able to share and discuss my experiences on your web site.

There are probably many more.

If you can think of additional points, please leave a comment with an email or Twitter handle and I will publish again crediting you.

13. I don’t know/trust your CEO, because he/she has no social presence via @ShevINY



Tim Hughes is a Speaker and Market Influencer you can contact him at @timothy_Hughes and @OracleTim


3 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why I Know Your’re Not a #SocialEnterprise #CustExp #CustServ

  1. Some very good points here Tim, I particularly like the Crowdsourcing one…Without long term synergistic relationships with customers they will always switch to a business who provides what they are looking for…which could be crowd designed and fundedc, disrupting their entire ecosystem…


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