Round up of October’s #SocialSelling Articles

chiefmarketerWelcome to October’s Social Selling and Marketing Automation articles.

Published a few day into November, sorry it is late but I was on holiday for two weeks and it took me a couple of days to catch up.

Always a please to create this as it forces me to read all the latest though leadership articles by the best writers out there.


Might not always agree with them, but how do we advance without debate?

Hope you find them interesting.

The Sales Manager’s Quick Guide to Social Selling via @hubspot

  • Quick start for Social Selling – The first steps.

$20 billion global market for marketing software today – Chief Marketing Technologist via @chiefmartec

  • How big is the Marketing Automation Market?

29 Sales Training Blogs You Need To Be Reading via @BakingSteel

  • Keeping up to date with latest thought leadership is a good investment.

How to Write Click-Worthy Blog Headlines Without Resorting to Clickbait via @unbounce

  • Headlines are critical to get people to read and share your content.

How To Improve Your Email Subject Lines: Top Performing Words Other Sales Reps Are Using via @yesware #socialselling

  • Email still work as a way of getting hold of people, this gives you ideas about words and phrases to use to get maximum impact.

7 Price Objections and What’s Behind Them – RAIN Group

  • Good reminder about what is behind price objections.

Over $21.8 billion of funding for marketing technology via @chiefmartec

  • Where the VC money is in Marketing Automation.

Beating Lower Priced Competitors via @davidabrock

  • We have all been there, sell value; always.

10 Outreach Best Practices That Separate Success From Failure via @siegemedia

  • When contacting people goes wrong.  Here are 10 ideas to get you back on track.

Content Marketing 101: Your Ultimate Resources Guide

  • As per the title, a great resource to use in Marketing.

How illusionists can teach you the art of phone-call convincing

  • The fundamentals of cold calling; storytelling, being calm and using silence.

The Three Frameworks You Need to Create Powerful Presentations & Tell Compelling Stories

  • Good article on the psychology of storytelling; how you can present so an audience listens and learns.

Tim Hughes has been mentioned in Forbes as one of the top 100 Global Social Sellers, he can be contacted at @timothy_hughes


Welcome your comments and opinions

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