10 Things I Learnt on a Two Week #SocialMedia Free Holiday.

Social-Media-during-holidayWhile on holiday in Myanmar (Burma), while telling people there would be a “lack” of mobile, little did I know there would be no mobile.

(The reason being that the mobile network is Government owned and there is no formal Vodafone agreement). While there was some hotel WiFi signal, it was taking 30 seconds to upload a photo.

I decided therefore to take a two week Social Media holiday. Leaving the UK with a Klout of 72, would I even “exist” when I returned home?

Here are the 10 things I learn’t in two weeks while being Social Media free.

community1. Starting out on Social Media, some six years ago I’ve built up many on-line friendships. Don’t always agree with what people say, but love the variety, engagement and sense of community. While I traveled I saw many wonders of the world and learnt many new things, i missed the Community Social Media brings.

2. I’ve tried to be seen in my community as a provider of (original) high quality content.
Traveling reminds me the amount of “content” there is in life. Photographs, video, quotes, you don’t have to write a blog to be original. Look around you.

sharing3. The sharing economy is here in so many ways. Spending time in a Buddhist country there seemed to be a culture in sharing. Weather this was a person handing out seeds at a Temple.  I always made sure we are spent money at local markets so that money filters down to the “guy in the street”.

4. Society has a divide between the Tech-Literate and the Tech-illiterate. I forget that not everybody sits in the “Social Media bubble” that I do. Suggesting to some people to reset a router; I was asked, what is a router? In my world having a basic understanding of Tech is essential.

email5. Email is not dead, in fact it is engrained in Society, now more than voice / telephone. Stayed in a hotel (with no mobile signal) where the WiFi was useless. Everybody I spoke to (English, German, French, Austrian and Chinese) expected contact with the outside world via email.

6. 1st world people assume 1st world amenities across the world. I’m in the middle of selling a house and the Estate Agents (Real Estate in the U.S.) have asked me to call them. I have no mobile signal and the hotel phone is $7 a minute.

Are things in life really urgent? Maybe in life we need to rethink what is a priority. Maybe things can wait?

Sarong7. Via @officeoffin – Learning to live without Google – Normally in life when you don’t know something you just Google it. For example tying a “Longyi” to go round each Monestry woman needed to cover their legs and shoulders. @Officeoffin likes to wear shorts in the heat she therefore needed to put on a Sarong and needed to know how to tie it. Normally you would Google something like that. She is now drawing up a list of things she needs to Google when she gets back to the 1st world.

Without Google you have to start remembering things!

8. Changing clocks (Summer Time and Winter Time) is a first world issue.

9. The gap between the Tech-Literate and Tech-Illiterate is accelerating. “I thought Twitter was for tittle tattle and gossip” was a comment I got in a discussion about Social Media when dinner time.

10. Having a Social Media holiday has meant I have been able to spend more time engaging with the locals. Of course I speak English which helps, just learning hello “amin-ga-la-ba” and Thank You “Kyeizu tin ba de” went a long way.

Back from holiday and reading this through, I survived.  My Klout only dropped 1 to 71 and that too is a first world problem!

One word of advice – Across the world “Offer a smile and 9 times out of ten you will get a smile back” – Pass it on!

Tim Hughes has been mentioned in Forbes as one of the top 100 Social Sellers, he is a speaker on Social Selling and can be contacted at @timothy_hughes


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