Twitter – The Power of 3 Technique #SocialMedia #SocialSelling

the-power-of-3I’ve been on Twitter since April 2009 and in that time I’ve been able to create a community an with an amazing bunch of followers.

This is one of many articles about how I use Twitter, my intention is to help you and maybe help you, get more, from what is a great modern medium.


Twitter 4The Power of 3

I’ve written many times about the power of Twitter for engagement, the expansion of ideas, debate and learning from meeting strangers and making friends alike.

Twitter should be a two way dialogue. Tweet something and people will make a comment or better still, start a conversation.

During my Twitter travels I often come across somebodies Twitter profile. It is always interesting to read a person’s Advatar and see their last few Tweets.

Automated tweetsBut People Let Themselves Down

Too often when I look at a person’s profile, last few Tweets are full of automated messages, Corporate “let’s throw something at the wall and hope it sticks” Tweets or conversations where I don’t understand the context.  I’m sure that is meaningful to them, but not meaningful to me.

Your Twitter Profile reflects You

Sorry but I treat a person’s profile, like I treat mine. It is an extension of myself.  When I visit your profile, I get a feel for the type of person you are.

retweet-viralSorry But I Never say Thank You, I Retweet (RT)

Many people say Thank You on Twitter and there is nothing wrong in doing that.  I never do, or rarely do, sorry but after hitting 30,000 followers something had to give. I try and answer all conversations and comment personally and that takes a lot of time.
My way of saying Thank You is to Retweet somebody. For me, that is the biggest (flattering) thing you can do on Twitter.

Thank you tweetSo What is the Power of 3?

Whenever I sit down and work through the interactions on my Twitter accounts, I will always try and finishing by leaving 3 Tweets / 3 Pieces of Content at the top of my Twitter stream.  It does not matter how many conversations I’ve had, if you come and look at my profile, there should be content.  A reflection of me.  Better still, content you will feel to interact or even Re-tweet.

Turning round what i said above. If anybody visits my Twitter profile, it should have something interesting for that viewer. No conversations and any follower will know I don’t do “Corporate Boring stuff” and no boring automated Tweets asking you to like my Facebook page.  Stuff you it will hopefully want to interact with or even RT.

Men are silhouetted against a video screen with a Twitter logo as he poses with a Samsung S4 smartphone in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of ZenicaRemember Your Twitter Profile Reflects Me and You

Twitter is the ultimate in democracy, tomorrow everybody can unfollow me. By following me everyday people “vote for me”.  When people, prospective followers and myself visit your Twitter profile, what is it do you want to be famous for?

The Power of 3, may take some organisation and a little effort, but the benefits in terms of growing your own platform and community, should pay off.

Hope you enjoyed, would welcome your comments on the Blog below.


Tim Hughes is a leading person in Social Media, based in the UK. He has been described as a Social Selling innovator and Blogs on Social Selling and how Social Media will impact companies now and in the future.

Tim can be contacted at @timothy_hughes and @OracleTim


6 thoughts on “Twitter – The Power of 3 Technique #SocialMedia #SocialSelling

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  2. Thank you! I’m learning all the time. What strikes me is that this open platform is available to all of us to gain fruit from. Just requires effort on the individual’s part and because of this I feel is really is a hugely exciting time and an alternative to our exaisting system of meritocracy. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Reblogged this on Holy Cow and commented:
    I surfed the following blog and found it really helpful and very insightful too. Its great for budding go-getters but what struck me the most about this man was the fact he talks about Twitter as being the ‘ultimate in democracy’. If he’s right in his thinking, like many other thought leaders, including my greatest influence, Thomas Power, then that means that now is the time to start taking action. If they’re right then this is truly an opportunity for everyone to get ahead.

    The greatest drawback is that most of us [including me] are used to being spoon fed. From the way we were taught in schools to the way we are managed at work and even out here in the digital world. We’re used to being spoon fed.

    What these visionaries are saying is that this brave new world doesn’t work like that. We need to use initiative. We need to be open and supportive. We need to nimble and we need to savvy at data processing. And heck of a lot more. We need to evolve with this shift and if we can the implications are mahoosive!

    The implications suggest that ultimately we can have greater equality and greater propensity to share wealth.


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